Planet X

1Atlantis: Part 1. “Apocalypse 1470 B.C.”6:59
2Atlantis: Part 2. “Sea of Antiquity”4:18
3Atlantis: Part 3. “Lost Island”5:38
4Crab Nebulae4:07
6Money Shot4:26
7Day in the Sun4:58
8State of Delirium2:48
9Space Martini3:47
10Brunei Babylon5:39

Age of Reason

1Age of Reason5:08
2Blow by Blow4:36
3Listen to the Wind4:25
4Two Strong Hearts3:35
5Burn Down the Night3:34
6Beyond the Call4:42
7We’re No Angels4:51
8Don’t Tell Me it Can’t Be Done3:35
9The Fire4:25
10Some Do, Some Don’t4:20
11When the War is Over4:50
12It’s a Long Way to the Top4:11

Whispering Jack

1Pressure Down3:45
2You’re The Voice4:58
3One Step Away3:35
5Going, Going, Gone3:31
6No One Comes Close4:06
7Love To Shine3:59
9A Touch Of Paradise4:45
10Let Me Out4:20

Because They Can

1(You Got Me) All Shook Up4:42
2The Great Escape5:25
3Five O’ Clock Plane5:00
4Cross My Broken Heart4:47
5Peace On Earth4:30
7Won’t Walk Away3:51
8Only A Moment Away4:22
9Joshua Is With Me Now1:30
10Love Me Today4:19
11Be Still4:14
12Right Before Your Eyes4:51
13Nobody Wins In The End5:28

After the Rain

1(Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection3:55
2I Can Hardly Wait4:20
3After The Rain4:03
4Tracy’s Song / Only Time Will Tell5:18
5More Than Ever3:29
6(It’s Just) Desire4:24
7Fill You Up4:40
8Interlude / Everywhere I Go6:34
9Bits And Pieces4:03
10Will You Love Me?4:20

Centrifugal Funk

1Actual Proof7:36
2So What9:41
3Hey Tee Bone5:30
4Tokyo Blue7:15
6Elegant People9:56
7Lane’s Blitz0:39

Under the Lash of Gravity

1State Of The Art4:08
3Ever Be5:03
5Wake In Fright6:50
6King Of Neglect4:11
8Simon Says3:49
9Galactic Waterhole6:43
11Bad Luck Go Away4:57