• “My Sweet Lord” intro for one slide guitar.

    This is not meant to be taken seriously as of course, it sounds better multi – tracked and with George playing it! I’m going to continue to work on this aspect of the angling technique as it’s really hard to do. The very last part of the intro is a testament to that as it’s hard for me to even get it close let alone perfect. Oh well, back to the woodshed…
  • “Big Sky” & “Dark Matter” now at Bandcamp

    I’ve uploaded my albums to as high – resolution WAV files for download and streaming.
  • “Alien Hip Hop” solo – 2022

    I decided to do an alternate version last year (2022) of my solo for this Planet X song.
  • “Brothers” lesson with tab

    Here’s a video I posted quite a while ago. It’s a detailed lesson on how to play my song “Brothers” from the Big Sky album. I show all the chord voicings and there’s also tab at the bottom of the screen. I hope you enjoy it!
    Brothers lesson
  • “From The Inside” now available on Apple Music (iTunes)

    I recorded and did the video for this song a few years back but finally got around to releasing it through Apple Music or iTunes. You can find it at this link.

    The video is here.